Simply The Best

Very professional, responsive and effective attorney for my personal injury case.
- Rick

Justice Was Done in Bel Air

I would like to submit a review of the representation provided to me by Robert Brocato. Let me say I was looking at 280 yrs. in regards to 18 charges of which 6 were felonies. Mr. Brocato worked tirelessly for 4 plus months to prove my innocence. His efforts resulted in a dismissal of all my charges. Mr. Brocatos constant positive attitude and encouargement gave me a sense of security that was priceless.My legal issues were addressed quickly and with efficiency. Although Thank You will never cover the gratitude in my heart, I can say without a doubt that the services that I received were OUTSTANDING. When you want quality you get what you pay for .
- Eric

Professional, Proficient, and Gets Results!!

After pulling what she thought was a harmless teenage caper, my daughter found herself facing 2 felony charges. I contacted Mr. Brocato and he immediately was in touch with the ADA. He assured us that this could be resolved without going to trial. Mr. Brocato utilized his extensive contacts within the DA Office and, after a few months, convinced the ADA to drop the felony charges in place of a probation with community service and mandatory education. Some months later, Mr. Brocato proactively filed for an expungement from the State, which was granted. Mr. Brocato was nothing short of professional and proficient with his (and my) time. He did his job and he got the right decision from the ADA. Additionally, he even took the time to drive home the point to my daughter, personally.
- Pope

Very Positive Experience

Mr. Brocato handled my personal injury claim in a very efficient and professional matter. He made it a point to keep me informed every step of the way. He showed great concern and compassion for my well being throughout the entire process.
- Debbie

Highly Recommended

I cannot say enough how very much I appreciate Robert Brocatos impeccable service and attitude throughout this process. He helped with doctor recommendations, bill negotiations and was on top of every single thing. He made a bad situation manageable and fought for me like I was family. I will 110% be recommending him to anyone I meet that needs a fabulous personal injury lawyer.
- Jess