The Law Office of Robert A. Brocato has decades of experience handling Maryland DUI Defense Cases in Baltimore, Harford and surrounding counties. We aggressively defend your drunk driving case from the moment you were stopped through your arrest to make sure the police acted legally.

We will explain the details of your case and the options that will provide the best possible outcome for you.

What happens if I am arrested for DUI?

For your first-time offense, penalties vary depending on the state and county where you were arrested. Some of the punishment you could face include: incarceration, severe fines and suspension/revocation of your priviledge to drive. Your penalty is issued at your sentencing hearing.

Depending on the breathalyzer results or one’s refusal to take the breathalyzer test, a driver’s license can be in serious and immediate jeopardy. Drivers have just 10 days to request a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to stop the adverse consequences of having their license suspended or revoked.

How much alcohol can I drink and still drive legally?

In Maryland, the legal blood-alcohol content is .08. Even one drink could affect you at a your body weight and height somewhat differently than it might affect someone else.

When can I call my lawyer?

Only after you arrive at the police station, can you contact a lawyer. You should ask for a lawyer as soon as you are arrested, make a note of the police officer’s badge and patrol car number and call the Law Office of Robert A. Brocato at 410-296-6350.